The Rise of V.One

by Ryan Myher August 11th, 2020

Recent hype suggests that V/One is the next big player in the space with investments from notable individuals like Jason Calacanis. They have been building momentum through Twitter as they seem to be replicating Elliots “Hype Engine”. This is not always a good thing as I used Elliot and it really was just hype. Soooo.. will V/One fizzle out and carry the same disappointing launch? I don’t believe so, and here is why.

1)     Passionate Founder

Jeremy Redman the founder & CEO of V/One is one of the most passionate people that I have ever met, ESPECIALLY when it comes to his company. I know he would fight tooth and nail for the success of V/One with the focus being a TRUE #NoCode experience to all his users. It is clear he is passionate about customer service and the success of his users. While that does not scale on a 1:1 level I think that it will set V/One apart from the rest and serve as a catalyst to shoot them over potential competition in the coming 3-6 months!

2)     I have seen and used the product

Jeremy sent me a demo of the product and its capabilities which boast a sharp user experience and easy to use drag and drop blocks to build out your app. Not only do I think it is unique to the #NoCode space, but they are adding features by the week with the most recent feature being a Canva integration with images and buttons. The in-app version of Canva opens giving you the ability to design full app screens and publish them to your app in a single click! THAT IS HUGE considering there is nothing like this yet (to my knowledge).

3)     “Too big to fail”

With investors like Jason Calacanis from Launch and other prominent firms backing V/One it provides us with a sense of assurance. It is clear some of the most influential names in private equity support and believe in the future of this product so why shouldn’t I? I had similar thoughts with Elliot as the community rallied around them even though the majority had not ever seen or interacted with the product. Given the other two pillars I believe V/Ones legacy will be much greater.

While Elliot had also raised a significant amount of money and had a group of supporters like no other, they had a lot of negatives bogging them down. I think V/One will succeed based on the combination of the 3 pillars above. I am excited to watch them grow and launch with their upcoming hackathons on August 15th (underrepresented founders) & on August 27th with their public launch! 

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