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by Ryan Myher July 21st, 2020

It is common to believe that nocode tools are very limited. Most yes, but not Qalcwise. Qalcwise allows you to automate business processes without restrictions. How is this possible? Discover probably the most flexible nocode tool in the world!

Nocode tools are conquering companies by storm. They create huge possibilities of making the business independent of IT, and the IT department itself enables faster delivery of fully tailored business applications. They allow for fast and fully customized digitization of business processes. Gartner forecasts that by 2024 over 65% of applications will be created in this technology.

Fully customizable apps

However, most of the solutions are very limited compared to Qalcwise. They offer products whose functionalities only partially cover the unlimited possibilities of Qalcwise - applications are built according to ready-made templates, only with the help of widgets, or on the basis of already existing Google or Microsoft solutions. Some of them offer products focused on servicing specific areas of business activity. 

Qalcwise stands out against this background because it introduces a new approach to building applications. As the first and only one, it has proposed an interface that uses the familiar Excel experience - spreadsheet as the most powerful and popular form of data management. Let’s face it, no matter how advanced systems organization has implemented, spreadsheets are still there. Whatever department or business you’re in, you always speak the language of spreadsheets, with your peers, bosses, investors, and even customers. Spreadsheets are there because they are relatively easy to learn and extremely flexible. They became so natural and common that despite their obvious flaws there is no point in fighting them.

New approach to spreadsheets  

At Qalcwise we took that as our starting point. However, platform provides more than spreadsheets -the flexibility of group work, integration with the database, scalability and workflow. It enables digitization of processes using ready-made applications, configuring ready (in a few hours) or creating your own (in a few days). Applications are created using simple spreadsheet formulas and ready-made drag and drop widgets. Qalcwise's advantage is its unprecedented flexibility, i.e. the ability to sew up any rules and fully adapt to the process. All enterprise features are available - like audit, logging, retention, security policies etc. The platform is also fully scalable - it can support several thousand users at the same time, ensuring performance at the Enterprise level.

Formula oriented and schemaless design means there’s no such thing as too complicated workflow and a proper modification is always a matter of days. Qalcwise as a no-code platform operates based on an original computing engine that translates the application design into a ready-to-use business solution. 

Where you can use it?

Qalcwise apps automate all stages of the process, much more than just document and task flow. As Qalcwise name states (Calculation-Wise), applications allow you not only to design the process but also to supplement it with tasks requiring calculations, in accordance with workflow. They can automate tasks within any business area. With Qalcwise, you can calculate and generate commercial offers, compile forecasts and budgets, calculate settlement of commissions, bonuses and retro-discounts, also manage the inventory and get a notification to replenish it. In Qalcwise (and this is not an exaggeration), the only limit to what you can do with this tool is your imagination.

One of the Qalcwise happy customers was planning to develop a system to manage their “New Product Launch Management” process. They had this wandering spreadsheet which had to crawl a path around almost all the departments before new product decisions were made. Developing such a system would probably take some weeks if not months. They stumbled upon Qalcwise people and… had it running in 2 days. At a fraction of cost.

How it works?

Qalcwise has been designed so that the user can quickly start building applications independently. It provides fully intuitive workspace. On the platform you will find a Help Center, detailed tutorials, and the Qalcwise team is always happy to help and offer full support. 

And here are the functionalities that distinguish the Qalcwise from other tools and you will certainly appreciate their practicality:

- Widgets – use set of ready widgets like spreadsheet, diagram, slider, table, attachment etc.

- Database – it is an embedded thing in Qalcwise. Drag-and-drop corporate data onto your “spreadsheet application”. Edit and update data bi-directionally.

- Live preview and prototyping– You can preview your app at any moment of building process, without compiling! You don’t need any other tool to draw your app prototype. You are building a draft in Qalcwise. You can share it with your colleagues, collect opinions and make changes if it’s needed. Clik on “publish” button and it works. 

- Workflow – you can define all your workflow. Who-can-do-what and under what conditions. If your spreadsheet calculates sales you use that cell to set approval formula. You can also send e-mail or save data to database using a formula.

- Mobile – the spreadsheets are designed with mobile screens in mind.

- Security – You decide who can see or edit parts of your spreadsheet. Based on simple formulas and workflow steps. Using a simple “if” you can hide portions of your “spreadsheet application”. You can define and use groups.

- Performance – You can have 1000 users working at the same time with your spreadsheet app with no performance loss. How cool is that? 100 000 users?

- Analysis – build advanced analytical dashboards by the spreadsheet formulas. Dashboards that not only display but also update data. A true self-service business analytics.

To best imagine how to design on the Qalcwise platform, watch this short video: 

Join Qalcwise network

If you often hear from clients that the solution you offer is too expensive or too complex it’s time to enrich your portfolio with Qalcwise. So it is the time to get the company better! The Polish start-up established in 2014 is growing dynamically. In 2019 it doubled its income, the number of customers and partners. Qalcwise has completed over 20 implementations in large organizations (e.g. CCC, Osram, Schindler, Costa Coffee, Lafarge, Gatta, Medicover) and has already been used by over 100,000 users. 

From the beginning, the company focuses on indirect sales and builds an international partner network. Qalcwise ensures friendly and dialogue-based cooperation. Because the company is in the growth phase, it openly receives feedback and adapts to expectations. Partners actively participate in creating the product and developing the most innovative technology in the world. This is a unique opportunity to become part of an important and prospective trend – IT democratization and the development of self-service platforms. Qalcwise already has a dozen local and international partners – among them such recognized companies as EY but also smaller software suppliers.

The solution is unique, very flexible, apps perfectly fill the gaps in existing systems. Therefore, you can easily sell them in addition to other products – says Andrzej Bielecki, owner of eNovem, a Qalcwise Partner. – What is more, developing the application doesn’t require large resources. It is simple, fast and relatively cheap. There is no need to incur costly investments and expand the team – he adds.

Qalcwise offers partners a support at every stage of cooperation. – The development of the sales network is very important to us. Our team focuses on providing the best software, we sell mainly through partners. However, we provide technical, substantive and marketing support, we share business cases and together develop the platform – says Krzysztof Kowal, CEO of Qalcwise. – If necessary, our consultants help create unusual solutions for clients – he adds.

Qalcwise encourages companies and freelancers to join its partner program and become part of a global community that develops no-code technology. It offers unique know-how and access to truly innovative design tools that allows create and sell flexible solutions faster than ever. 

Just as the platform creates unlimited opportunities for designers, so does the affiliate program create unlimited opportunities for business development to partners.

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